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New Vehicle Registration in Massachusetts

How to get a new vehicle registration in Massachusetts

It is a state requirement that you register your vehicle before driving it on the road in Massachusetts. Whether your car is used or new or bought from an individual or dealership you will need to register your vehicle. If your vehicle was registered in another state you will need to get it registered in Massachusetts. When you register for the first time it can be done in person after that yearly renewals may be done in person, by mail, online or by phone.

Registering a vehicle you purchased from a dealer:

  • Click here and make sure the dealer completes and signs an application for registration and title.
  • Visit your insurance agent to obtain an active insurance policy and have the agent stamp and sign the application.
  • If you have a lien please make sure to provide the correct information.
  • Click here to print this application and sign it.
  • Fill out the application and send it in with the necessary documents below:

  • A certificate of origin for new vehicles only
  • The title from the prior owner and dealer re-assignment if applicable
  • The bill of sale and proof of last Registration if a non-titled vehicle if exempt due to age.
  • If presenting the Certificate of Origin or the previous owner's title be sure the date sold the odometer reading and the purchase price have been completed on the back. The dealer or the previous owner(s) and you must sign the back of either of these forms.
  • Take the application and documents to the local RMV center.
  • A 6.25% sales tax will be collected at this time based on the purchase price of the dealer. After completing the transaction you will receive a registration certificate new plates and a year of expiration decal for the rear plate. The title will be processed and mailed in six to eight weeks. If you have a loan on the vehicle the title will be mailed directly to your lienholder.
  • You must obtain a vehicle inspection sticker within seven (7) days of the registration date.